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Dear Families of Open Meadow High School Students,
Now in my 19th year with Open Meadow, it’s with the heaviest of heart that I announce that Open Meadow High School will be closing over the next 18 months. Effective immediately, we will no longer be enrolling new students, this coming June will be the last day of school in our current site, and current Juniors will graduate as Seniors in June 2015. After a long and careful planning process, Open Meadow recognizes our students deserve stronger supports and services than we can provide under the current high school structure, funding, and partner model. I encourage you to contact me with further questions about this. Open Meadow will continue to provide services through our Middle School, Step Up, and Career Services programs.

This is a very big deal, and deeply regrettable for currently enrolled students and families. We know that this proud community of past and present students, parents and staff will grieve this loss. Students were informed of this decision today in Advocate groups at school and we have made an effort to reach out to families via phone and email.

It is our priority to make sure that all students find the most appropriate option to continue their education next year and beyond. That means working closely with your child’s Advocate, our team, and PPS Enrollment and Transfer to evaluate available schools and options choices. We had a parent information session the evening of February 12 with PPS representatives where a lot of very helpful information and contacts were distributed to parents. If you were not able to make that meeting please get in touch with your advocate or principal Kate Woicke to start working on options for your child as soon as possible.


For graduating Seniors: The drive toward graduation this year continues as fiercely as ever! School should not change for your child/student and graduation is still scheduled for Monday, June 9th at 6 pm.

For students with enough credits to graduate within one year from June 2014: We’re looking forward to providing a small, focused, intensive Senior year next year. We will host next year’s Senior program at our Transitions Building on 7633 N. Wabash. Please discuss details with your child/student’s Advocate – to evaluate progress toward graduation and eligibility for this option.

For students who won’t be within one year of graduation in June 2014: Your child/student’s Advocate will work closely with you, your child, staff from potential schools, and Portland Public Schools’ Enrollment and Transfer office to evaluate available options, make recommendations, and help to enroll you in the school of your choice. Please be in touch as soon as possible to schedule a time to talk if you are not available next Wednesday. The “window” to complete applications for transfers to other PPS high schools closes on February 21.

For 43 amazing years, the commitment of our High School students and staff has been tremendous and life-changing. Our families and community make us strong. This is not only for our students – Open Meadow High School is a shining light and home away from home for our hundreds of staff, and community partners, past and present. Lives are touched here. Minds are awakened here. People are completely transformed here. You know exactly the power of the Open Meadow experience. It’s all encompassing. It’s undeniable. It’s forever.

Yet with every loss I find renewal. I am heartbroken about the closing of the High School. At the same time I also have excitement about the future of Open Meadow. Our Middle School, Step Up, and Career Services programs will continue to serve the North Portland community, as passionately as we have for the past four decades. We are working on new program models because we don’t just want to get kids to the finish line – we are resolved to outfit our youth with a fully loaded tool box to become outstanding and productive adults.
Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s Advocate about next steps for your child (503-285-0508), and Andrew Mason, Executive Director (503-978-1935) or Hanif Fazal, Associate Director (503-978-1935) with questions about this shift in organizational direction.

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Andrew Mason


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It’s not just a place to learn. It’s a second home, a family to guide you and help you through this part of your life.
—2005 Open Meadow graduate

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Photo by Melissa Toledo

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